Venture Capital

I invest in business founders and entrepreneurs with ideas that are innovative, scalable and generate returns based on social and environmental sustainability. I invest in the ‘good guys’. I believe business needs to follow a ‘clean approach’ to making money. Integrity and sustainability is key to my investments.

What is your investment horizon?

I invest for the long term, looking to stay with the chosen companies from start to exit. That means I usually follow on through future investment rounds to maintain my pro-rata equity allocation.

Do you invest in other sectors?

I try to stick with investments within food, healthcare and technology.

How long does it take from a first encounter to reach actual funding?

Performing due diligence – especially in the field of VC and seed funding – can be tricky. There’s little factual material to analyse in terms of past years P & L and balance sheets. Generally several successful meetings are needed to find common ground and agreement at partner level. After a term sheet is issued, lawyers draw up the shareholder subscription agreement and articles of association. The process takes between 2 to 3 months.